HI-Q™ RF Test Measurement System


OEwaves’ HI-Q RF Test Measurement System (TMS) utilizes microwave photonic techniques for automated measurement, capable of testing ultra-low phase noise oscillators. The cross-correlation capable homodyne phase noise measurement system is fast and fully automated, and yields the spectral density of the phase noise of an oscillator at any operating frequency within specified bands. 


  • Ultra-low Absolute Phase Noise/Jitter Measurement Capability
  • Fast Real-time Measurement
  • Fully Automated
  • Cross-correlation Homodyne Capability
  • No Low Noise Reference Source Required
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Simple PC-based Operation
  • 19” Rack System
  • Customizable Configurations, Upgrades, and Options


  • Dual Channel Cross-Correlation Measurements
  • Extended Input and Off set Frequency Range Measurements
  • Two Port Residual Phase Noise Measurements
  • AM Noise Measurements
  • Extended Input Power Range
  • Optical Input
  • Performance Level and Frequency Range Options and Upgrades


RMS Timing Jitter Sensitivity: 5 fs (100 Hz - 10 MHz)

Input Power Range: +5 to + 15 dBm

Spurious: -50 dBc @ <1 kHz offset / -80 dBc @ > 1kHz offset

Resolution Bandwidth: 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz

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